Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quilting Arts Colorplay article

(this is my Demo at IQF Chicago )

I am ecstatic to announce my very first magazine article!!!

Quilting Arts magazine has published my "Colorplay" article in their October/November 2009 issue( on page 21).
I recently presented my Colorplay workshop in Madison at Quilt Expo, and I will presenting it in Houston at the IQF show in October. I found out today that this workshop in Houston is SOLD OUT! I will also be teaching my "Fiesta de Sol" workshop there (not sold out yet) and I will be doing a "Fast Fused Binding" Demo; and a "Fantasy Florals" Demo. This will be my very First Time at Houston! I am really looking forward to the experience! For more information go to
And/or look at my website schedule for dates and times.
This weekend I will be appearing at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, Illinois at the Country Quilters "Harvest of Time" quilt show. Then in November, I will be traveling to Crossville, Tennessee and presenting a workshop & lecture for the Cumberland County Piecemakers. I am planning to bring Mr Lullie along and do a little sightseeing while we are there. I really have enjoyed places like Knoxville, Tennessee, and Cullman Alabama, and I am especially looking forward to having some Biscuits & Sausage gravy again whenever possible...! Have to keep up my strength.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Knoxville here we come

This is my quilt "Colorplay 8". It is one of the quilts which led to my Colorplay workshop, which I will be teaching at AQS Knoxville the week of July 21st. Students will create their own art quilt tops using my "spontaneous Explorations in color" methods. I bring the color wheels, and ALL of the pre-fused fabric for the backgrounds & the "strips & chips". The students will recieve a demo, several examples, and some guildelines; and we will PLAY! Hope to see you there [I will be teaching several other workshops also; including "Fiesta Floribunda" & Tangerine Tropicale"; still room in the classes; may have to sign up at the show]
the closer I get to deadlines;the more I seem to find to do Besides get ready! website for AQs is
I think registration is closed soon, but I have room in my classes for Show sign ups; (May have to contact AQS or myself by email to confirm this)
I really want to get this blog updated; so here are some of my new quilts! Above is a smaller quilt from hand-dyed silk called "Solar Flare I"' Below is my "Paducah" quilt called "Rose Mandala I" - a detail, and full image...
I had a lot of fun using what I have learned from my Colorplay quilts + my curvy shapes...Looks like a series!

This is "ROse Mandals I' full- it is about 45"x45'; cotton and silk

I have given the blog a new look, and I am getting more computer savvy all the time; let's hope it's atrend.

I will also be teaching at Quilt Expo in Madison in September; ane IQF Houston(!!) My First time to go to Houston, I am very excited about that!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

AQS Best machine quilting Award

I am pleased to announce that my quilt "Fiesta Floribunda II" received an award at AQS Des Moines show; Best Machine Quilting!!
I was (still am?) on cloud nine; in the AQS magazine January issue, my quilt and I have our own Page; (the quilt is shown way bigger than my head; thank goodness) ;
I was able to go to Des Moines an d take my Mom and youngest sister with me (and Olivia!)
We had a very nice day; that was the first BIG quilt show they had seen. Quite overwhelming!
I hope to be blogging more on a regular basis; I am getting more confident on the computer nowadays.
Look for new update son my website after the first of the year; Lot's of "New Work" ; and several new Workshops, with patterns also;
HAVE A Lovely Holiday!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I am busy dyeing new fabrics to sell on new website, Anne's Glorious Colors.
Check it out!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Colorplaying in a new way

Whoo HOO!!
Idid it--twice! I was having a lot of trouble getting photos to go anywhere..but here are the images of my newest work. I am very excited about this new colorway; I want to now keep the series going in these colors. Last week, I went to "Mel's Dye studio" and we produced a whole (dye) lot of neutrals; (which I have a little trouble with). I learned lot's!

Summertime Fun

I am having a very productive summer; I finished two more quilts of my Colorplay series in June; the one in the photo is entiltled "Colorplay III". I am now working on a smaller quilt for that series; but in a new colorway; much more muted and neutral, sort of desert colors.
I was interviewed for the local newspaper Monday (for my AQS Nashville entry--"Fiesta Floribunda II") .
I have a busy week coming up--My 30th class reunion is in Cedar Rapids Iowa; we will share a few laughs and memories w/ old friends; and then next week; backto Iowa; Sarah will move into her apartment at U. Of I. in Iowa City on Aug. 2nd!
I will post this now; see if it works, and I Promise I will be more consistent in my blogging---at least once or twice a month!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Good-bye to 2005!

Good Morning! I have been up and busy already today...I made french toast, called my friend Terri, and invited her to walk w/ my dog and I around the lake (exersize=more fun w/ friends); then I went online and entered "Quilt Visionsl" for the FIRST time; and now on to my next project. This Christmas break has gone too fast, as usual. As you can see, I am making an attempt to be consistent about my blogging.
But first; I will have a little "Day Spa" at home, and then I will feel more like facing this dreary day. I am still knitting on my "ribbon Poncho" that I put on hold last year--I got so frustrated with the twisting of the (beautiful**%$##) ribbbon. I have finally hit upon a solution, though, accidentally; I had wound the ribbon onto a flat cardboard (about 9X11) and then, I found that only helps if the cardboard is kept lying FLAT. I can unroll the cardboard in advance of knitting the row, and in this way there is almost no twisting. But, it is rather time consuming; but worth it when it will be finished and all shiny and cool! (I don't think I will be planning anymore knitted ribbon projects for awhile!)
I hope I haven't lost all of my readers when I neglected to update all fall! I am still quite frustrated by the Photo addition portion of it all; I cannot seem to get the photos from the folders to the blog!
Maybe if I sat down and read my Picasa directions it would help?
I really enjoy reading other peoples' blogs more than my own--you all seem to have much more interesting lives than my little familia!
I guess that is the same reason that I don't write or email much! (Not to mention-my typing stinks!) Here's hoping I will have lot's of interesting news in 2006!
Happy New Year to ALL!!