Friday, July 29, 2005

My first blog posting

Hi Everyone; This is my first blog posting!I am so excited; I am working on a new art quilt...I have completed the top, and it is the Largest art quilt that I have ever attempted(65"X82").

I really liked the fabric (my own hand-dyed), and didn't want to cut it up too much...I think it has the look of a painting. I am a little tired, and overwhelmed with the next big step--attaching the backing, and then the machine quilting! I am also going to dye some fabric; I'm getting lot's done; one step at a time! To learn more about my quilting; go to my website at We were recently in Iowa visiting my family, and here is a beautiful photo of my daughter Sarah, and my (new) niece Olivia:

I will post more pictures of my quilt in progress--I have a few (!) other things I am working on, also.