Thursday, July 27, 2006

Colorplaying in a new way

Whoo HOO!!
Idid it--twice! I was having a lot of trouble getting photos to go anywhere..but here are the images of my newest work. I am very excited about this new colorway; I want to now keep the series going in these colors. Last week, I went to "Mel's Dye studio" and we produced a whole (dye) lot of neutrals; (which I have a little trouble with). I learned lot's!

Summertime Fun

I am having a very productive summer; I finished two more quilts of my Colorplay series in June; the one in the photo is entiltled "Colorplay III". I am now working on a smaller quilt for that series; but in a new colorway; much more muted and neutral, sort of desert colors.
I was interviewed for the local newspaper Monday (for my AQS Nashville entry--"Fiesta Floribunda II") .
I have a busy week coming up--My 30th class reunion is in Cedar Rapids Iowa; we will share a few laughs and memories w/ old friends; and then next week; backto Iowa; Sarah will move into her apartment at U. Of I. in Iowa City on Aug. 2nd!
I will post this now; see if it works, and I Promise I will be more consistent in my blogging---at least once or twice a month!