Thursday, July 02, 2009

Knoxville here we come

This is my quilt "Colorplay 8". It is one of the quilts which led to my Colorplay workshop, which I will be teaching at AQS Knoxville the week of July 21st. Students will create their own art quilt tops using my "spontaneous Explorations in color" methods. I bring the color wheels, and ALL of the pre-fused fabric for the backgrounds & the "strips & chips". The students will recieve a demo, several examples, and some guildelines; and we will PLAY! Hope to see you there [I will be teaching several other workshops also; including "Fiesta Floribunda" & Tangerine Tropicale"; still room in the classes; may have to sign up at the show]
the closer I get to deadlines;the more I seem to find to do Besides get ready! website for AQs is
I think registration is closed soon, but I have room in my classes for Show sign ups; (May have to contact AQS or myself by email to confirm this)
I really want to get this blog updated; so here are some of my new quilts! Above is a smaller quilt from hand-dyed silk called "Solar Flare I"' Below is my "Paducah" quilt called "Rose Mandala I" - a detail, and full image...
I had a lot of fun using what I have learned from my Colorplay quilts + my curvy shapes...Looks like a series!

This is "ROse Mandals I' full- it is about 45"x45'; cotton and silk

I have given the blog a new look, and I am getting more computer savvy all the time; let's hope it's atrend.

I will also be teaching at Quilt Expo in Madison in September; ane IQF Houston(!!) My First time to go to Houston, I am very excited about that!