Friday, December 30, 2005

Good-bye to 2005!

Good Morning! I have been up and busy already today...I made french toast, called my friend Terri, and invited her to walk w/ my dog and I around the lake (exersize=more fun w/ friends); then I went online and entered "Quilt Visionsl" for the FIRST time; and now on to my next project. This Christmas break has gone too fast, as usual. As you can see, I am making an attempt to be consistent about my blogging.
But first; I will have a little "Day Spa" at home, and then I will feel more like facing this dreary day. I am still knitting on my "ribbon Poncho" that I put on hold last year--I got so frustrated with the twisting of the (beautiful**%$##) ribbbon. I have finally hit upon a solution, though, accidentally; I had wound the ribbon onto a flat cardboard (about 9X11) and then, I found that only helps if the cardboard is kept lying FLAT. I can unroll the cardboard in advance of knitting the row, and in this way there is almost no twisting. But, it is rather time consuming; but worth it when it will be finished and all shiny and cool! (I don't think I will be planning anymore knitted ribbon projects for awhile!)
I hope I haven't lost all of my readers when I neglected to update all fall! I am still quite frustrated by the Photo addition portion of it all; I cannot seem to get the photos from the folders to the blog!
Maybe if I sat down and read my Picasa directions it would help?
I really enjoy reading other peoples' blogs more than my own--you all seem to have much more interesting lives than my little familia!
I guess that is the same reason that I don't write or email much! (Not to mention-my typing stinks!) Here's hoping I will have lot's of interesting news in 2006!
Happy New Year to ALL!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This is the Chicago School of Fusing plus two who other famous quilters

At the top of the group is Judy Coates Perez and me, then sitting is Jane Sassaman, Melody Johnson, Frieda Anderson, Laura Wasilowski and Emily Parson.

Merry Christmas from the Chicago School of Fusing

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have lunch with, and appear in this photo with the esteemed ( highly regarded) awesomely talented members of the "Chicago School of Fusing".
These (super) women have influenced my quilting and helped me turn it into "ART", for which I will be forever grateful! And, they photograph wonderfully!!!

Christmas Break cont'd

It has been an interesting and restful Christmas Break so far; w/ lot's of eating, drinking, visiting (locally), and shopping...We have stayed here at home, for R&R, (plus Sarah has a job, and very busy and grown-up;). We had a quiet Christmas w/ friends and family, and are enjoying time to catch up...Joe is busy working, (out in the cold) and Angie spends a lot of time reading and relaxing (remember those days?).
This week, I even got some "clutter busted" and Removed, no less, from the depths of our basement. (It is so much easier to just move items "to the basement" than to actually make decisions and get rid of them!) Lot's more to go; but at least I can see my sewing area, and get excited about quilting again!
Today was my friend Melody Johnson's birthday, which we celebrated in grand style by letting her feed and entertain us--both of which she performed beautifully! I am still full from the great meal, and basking in the after- effects of friendly laughter.
This week, I have been knitting a little; I learned to take apart and recycle a wool sweater, and I figured out how to make the beautiful ribbon stop twisting while I am knitting with it!!! Now, maybe I can finish the fancy ribbon poncho that I have been working on for a year (wow)!
(More later---Hopefully w/ photos.)

Christmas Break

I am going to ry posting on my blog again--I have been extremely remiss at keeping up w/it; plus there is some kinf=d of problem w/ my cookies?1
Here Goes--