Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Break cont'd

It has been an interesting and restful Christmas Break so far; w/ lot's of eating, drinking, visiting (locally), and shopping...We have stayed here at home, for R&R, (plus Sarah has a job, and very busy and grown-up;). We had a quiet Christmas w/ friends and family, and are enjoying time to catch up...Joe is busy working, (out in the cold) and Angie spends a lot of time reading and relaxing (remember those days?).
This week, I even got some "clutter busted" and Removed, no less, from the depths of our basement. (It is so much easier to just move items "to the basement" than to actually make decisions and get rid of them!) Lot's more to go; but at least I can see my sewing area, and get excited about quilting again!
Today was my friend Melody Johnson's birthday, which we celebrated in grand style by letting her feed and entertain us--both of which she performed beautifully! I am still full from the great meal, and basking in the after- effects of friendly laughter.
This week, I have been knitting a little; I learned to take apart and recycle a wool sweater, and I figured out how to make the beautiful ribbon stop twisting while I am knitting with it!!! Now, maybe I can finish the fancy ribbon poncho that I have been working on for a year (wow)!
(More later---Hopefully w/ photos.)

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