Friday, August 19, 2005

Back to School

This is a small quilt I am working on that was created from the scraps of the (previously posted) large quilt. This is a fabric by Paula Nadelstern that I found at QBU Prairie shop in Batavia when I was teaching there last Saturday--I love it; and it reminds me a little of my older quilts; see below;

A kimono commission that I have finally completed; I think it turned out nicely, and I am inspired to someday try a similar design on a jacket, maybe on a very dark background. (Front of the kmono; made entirely from my own hand-dyed cottons...this summer I have been successful w/ my fabric dyeing; finally feel that I can plan the process, and achieve pretty much the desired results, w/ the surprises from the colors mingling at the edges as an added bonus!

This quilt reminds me of the above fabric; maybe we have similar inspiration?
Well; It's back to school next week already !
Summer has flown by too fast, as always. I have just finished several days of dyeing fabric, with a day trip to Chicago thrown in on Wednesday...My daughters and I and a friend went to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the "Body Worlds" exhibit--very educational; and a little disturbing! Real human cadavers, preserved through a special Plastination process...all of the body's systems were shown and explained...being a very visual learner, it really helped me to understand the our inner workings!
I am going to try and post some photos now--if I am succesful, I will write more later!
The photos ended up on top of my posting--I hope this works, now! More later.

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